BABS Fine Handmade Bags

1005 Main Street #8240, Pawtucket, RI
Neighborhood: Hope Artiste Village
(401) 331-2301

BABS is an eclectic collection of Sheeply Chic, sophisticated Jack + Cookie Merino Wool, Coastal Cruisers|City Navigators, and Color Pop handbags.

Color Pop Handbags

This collection consists of four different styles made from brilliantly rich handpainted canvases by artist Barbara Ottmar.
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Nautical Navigators Handbags

These bags are made from nautical charts and topographic maps that are printed on treated cotton twill so they are water and dirt resistant. This collection includes totes, clutches, and cross body bags.
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Non-Synthetic Yarn

A colorful selection of non-synthetic merino wool yarn.
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Roberta Shapiro Jewelry

Necklaces and earrings from local artist Roberta Shapiro.
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Jack + Cookie Bags

Jack + Cookie handbags are made of beautiful, resilient 3mm merino wool felt from Germany, with zippers that are handmade in Switzerland. Leather straps and handles are handmade in Springfield, MO. Available ready-made or to custom order in a wonderful variety of colors.
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Sheeply Chic Handbags

Sheeply Chic is a collection of colorful and unique felted wool bags. Most are wool, some are a combination of wool and silk or wool and alpaca. Each one is knitted, felted and shaped by hand.
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