231 Westminster St, Providence, RI
Neighborhood: Downcity
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm; Sat 11am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm
(401) 383-1622

Rhode Island's largest skateboard and snowboard shop. Our product mix varies to suit our three distinct locations: in the city, on main street, and by the beach. Civil also has a private label collection and we’ve been honored to collaborate on projects with elite brands including Nike SB and SLVDR. We are also proud to support local ripping skateboarders and snowboarders, including the notorious Yawgoons.

Hats and Sneakers

Hats and a selection of Adidas and Converse sneakers.
Products include Adidas Black Sneakers Adidas Classic Sneakers Adidas Gray Busenitz Sneakers Adidas Kareem Skteboarding Sneakers Adidas Light Tan Sneakers Adidas Off-White Skateboarding Sneakers Adidas Red Busenitz Sneakers Converse Black Canvas Converse Black Leather Sneakers Converse Cons Leather Blue Sneakers Gray Low-Top Converse Quiet Life Ballpark Polo Hat Co.

Skateboard Wheels and Trucks

Skateboard wheels in various colors and raw skate trucks to build your own.
Products include Autobahn Dual Duro Wheel Set Bones STF Wheel Set Bones Wray Wheel Set "I Suck Watch This" Creager Wheel Set OJ Jon Dickson Wheel Set OJs Jake Johnson Dream Girl Wheel Set Orangatang Moronga Purple Wheels Orangatang Purple Stimulus Wheels Orangatang The Cage Orange Wheels Orangatang Yellow Stimulus Wheels Spitfire American Flag Wheel Set Spitfire Blue Formula Four Spitfire Classics Wheel Set Spitfire Formula Four Silas Wheel Set Spitfire Formula Four Wheel Set Spitfire Logo Wheels Spitfire Streetburners Wheel Set Spitfire Yellow Graphic Wheel Set Thunder Lights Truck Thunder Painted Truck Thunder Raw Silver Truck Venture Painted Truck Venture Painted Truck Venture Raw Silver Truck Venture Westgate Painted Truck

Skateboard Decks

Skateboard decks with a variety of patterns, to assemble your own skateboard.
Products include 57 Wrecking Crew Skateboard Deck Civil CVL Skateboard Deck Civil Protect Ya Neck Skateboard Deck Krooked Anderson Pop Art Skateboard Deck Krooked Green and Black Graphic Skateboard Deck ROB Skateboard Deck Santa Cruz Skull Graphic Professional Skateboard Deck Sunflower Davis Torgerson Skateboard Deck

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