399 Broadway, Providence, RI
Neighborhood: West Side
Hours: Tues-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-4pm
(401) 274-1160

This woman-owned startup urban farm supply store focuses on being a single source for affordable, quality supplies for food growers and chicken and bee keepers. Cluck! also features in-store workshops like cheese-making, mushroom hunting, chicken raising, and more.

Beehive Materials and Maintenance

Beehive building materials, bee brushes, leather smokers, hive guides, and other beekeeping supplies.
Products include Beekeeping Gloves Build Your Own Beekeeping Equipment La Bee Foot Balm Leather Smoker The Jam Hardworking Hands Salve Worker B Lip Balm

Fermentation Instructions and Materials

Instructional books and supplies for fermentation, pickling, and preservation.
Products include Fermented Vegetables Handy Pantry Jar Top Fermenter Pickled Pantry Preserving Wild Foods

Gardening Books, Watering Cans and Clay Pots

Gardening and soil improvement books, watering cans and devices, clay pots, and other gardening supplies.
Products include Groundbreaking Food Gardens Improving Your Soil Large Copper Watering Can Paper Pigeon Ornament Teaming with Microbes

Beekeeping Supplies and Guides

Beekeeper gear, hive tool kits, honey dippers, The Beekeeper's Bible and other books.
Products include A Short History of the Honey Bee Beekeeper's Jacket with Fencing Veil Beekeeper's Jacket with Round Veil GloryBee Backyard Beekeeper Hive Tool Kit Taste of Honey The Beekeeper's Bible The Fresh Honey Cookbook

Preserving, Canning and Pickling

Instructional books for preserving, jars, and crucial preserving ingredients like pectin and citric acid.
Products include Making & Using Flavored Vinegars Put 'Em Up! Cookbook Put 'Em Up! Preserving Answer Book RealFruit Instant Pectin

Soaps, Twine and Gardener Gifts

Sewing kit, twig pencils, gift cards, bath oils, soaps, other miscellaneous gifts.
Products include 7-Book Set for Early Readers 8-Book Set for Early Readers Canary Hand-Stitching Kit Dr. Dandelion Gardener's Scrub Dr. Dandelion Lavender Bath Oil Dr. Dandelion Lavender Bath Salts Frogmore Homespun Wool Hat Kit Gilah Gift Cards Green Ceramic Pot Horticulturalist Skeem Candles Soy Wax Candle House Pencil Sharpener KidsOnRoof Pop Out Cards Lavender Olive Oil Soap Maple Sugar: From Sap to Syrup Nail Brush Natural Clean Burning Wax Candle Nutscene JuteFillis Garden Twine Nutscene Red Twist Garden Twine Nutscene Twist Garden Twine One-Woman Farm Peg and Awl Silver Dandelion Ring Plumb Bob Recycled Cuff Bracelets Rustic Goat Soaps Savon de Marseille Soap Skeem Candles Pomegranate Sandalwood Skeem Candles Sage Blossom Honey Tree Trunk Container Typhoon Seasonings Pestle and Mortar Window Boxes

Egg Cartons, Cookbooks, and Gifts

Egg-related products from egg cartons to chalkboard egg place cards, from lip balm to cookbooks.
Products include A Chicken in Every Yard Ceramic Eggs Chicken Poop Lip Balm Egg Cartons Why Did The Chicken Cross the World?

Books and Supplies for Raising Chickens

Books and supplies for raising chickens.
Products include All Natural Poultry Protector Blu-Kote Corner Cage Feeder Critter Ritter Blend Electrolyte and Vitamin Supplement for Poultry Free-Range Chicken Gardens Fresh Egg Cookbook Life-Lytes Mega Tabs Mealworm Medley Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Pocketful of Poultry Poultry Remedy Proper English Egg Carrier Rooster Kitchen Timer Spiral Leg Bands Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens The Chicken Whisperer's Guide to Keeping Chickens Wind-up Chick

Pitchforks, Shovels and Weeders

Pitchforks, shovels, corkscrew weeders, fruit pickers, hoes and other large garden tools.
Products include Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Shovel Spear & Jackson Pitchfork Tru Pro Truper Stainless Steel Shovel Tru Tough Pitchfork

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