144 Brook Street, Providence, RI
Neighborhood: Wickenden
Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-6:30pm
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Lore is a curated collection of handcrafted art and design objects ranging from fine art to furniture to jewelry, textiles, and apparel.

Colorful Vests and Tops

Colorful Vests and Tops
Products include

Rock Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets

Rock earrings, bracelets and necklace of found objects.
Products include

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade rings, earrings, and bracelets.
Products include

Candles, Leather Wallets and Bags

GreenTree pure beeswax candles, Julia Gabriel leather wallets, Spicer Bags.
Products include

Art Prints and Ceramic Bowls

Art prints, handmade ceramic bowls, blooming coins with seeds.
Products include

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards
Products include

Necklaces, Dress, and Handbag

Necklaces and grey dress with canvas bag on model.
Products include

Printed Shirts and Tops

Products include

Hand-Sewn Indian Quilts

Hand-sewn quilts, pillow covers, and scarves by Anchal, a local Providence social enterprise. Anchal provides alternative careers in textile design and production to exploited and marginalized women in India. Anchal works directly with female commercial sex workers who are seeking a way out of the trade.
Products include

Polaroid Cameras, Scarves and Hats

Fully refurbished Polaroid cameras, wooden camera ornaments, knit matching scarf and hat sets.
Products include

Metal Dangling Earrings

Long dangling earrings made of mesh metal.
Products include Bronze Brooch Mask Earrings Sterling Silver Ring

Stone Rings and Other Jewelry

Rings carved of stone and other jewelry.
Products include Agate Ring Carnelion and Sterling Silver Ring Chrysocolla Ring Crochet Earrings Howlite Ring Jasper Ring

Framed Watercolors

Framed watercolors by several local artists.
Products include

Earrings, Hairpins, and Necklaces

Rock earrings, earrings of cast concrete, and necklace of found objects.
Products include Black Rock Earrings Blue Lapis Lazuli Stone Earrings Blue Lapis Lazuli Stone Earrings Blue Rock Earrings Blue Tiger Eyes Stone Earrings Botswana Agagte Stone Earrings Cast Concrete Design Earrings Cast Concrete Earrings Gold-Plated Key Earrings Green Turquoise Earrings Green Turquoise in Quartz Earrings Handcrafted Silver and Oxidized Silver Earrings Herkimer Diamond Earrings Light Green Fluorite Earrings Orange Rock Earrings Oxidized Silver Key Earrings Oxidized Silver-Plated Key Earrings Petrified Wood Earrings Pink Jasper Stone Earrings Recycled Material Necklace Small Recycled Key Earrings Small Stone Earrings White Howlite Stone Earrings Yellow Citrine Stone Earrings Yellow Septarian Earrings

Ceramic Cups and Bowls

Ceramic cups and bowls by Kevin Wilcoxson ceramics.
Products include Large Slipcast Glazed Cup Slipcast Glazed Bowl Small Slipcast Glazed Cup

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