The Map Center

671 N Main Street, Providence, RI
Neighborhood: North Main
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30 pm
(401) 421-2184

The Map Center is the original amazing storeful of maps, globes, atlases, charts, and accessories for travel, recreational, decorative, academic and business use. We are best known nowadays for pinboard maps and magnetic maps that are attentively handcrafted from quality materials. Plus, we stock the greatest selection of map tacks and pins, plain and fancy.

Wall Maps

Wall maps
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Road Atlases

Road atlases
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Map Pins and Cartography Supplies

Map pins, grid reader, compass and more cartography supplies.
Products include

US Maps

Road maps for individual states, as well as international destinations.
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A selection of globes in different styles.
Products include

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