Pleasant Surprise

297 Thayer Street, Providence, RI
Neighborhood: Thayer
Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm; Sun 10am-4pm
(401) 273-1202

Always an eclectic mix of fun gifts, home accessories, quirky books, cards, and toys. Our design sensibility combines the contemporary with the nostalgic.

Rhode Island Products

Souvenirs from the Ocean State including Del's lemonade powder, mugs, flasks, shore soaps, board books, and more.
Products include 123 Beach Board Book Beach Picture Frame Box Sign Rhode Island Dave's Coffee Syrup Day at the Beach Zen Set Del's Lemonade Mix Del's Lemonade Mix Flip Flop Lollipops Hand & Body Lotion Liquid Hand Soap New England Coloring and Activity Book Newport Bridge Ornament Olneyville NY System Mug Providence Magnet Providence, Rhode Island Shot Glasses Providence, Rhode Island Stickers Providence Sticker Rhode Island Flasks Rhode Island Mints Rhode Island Themed Mints Rocky Point Mug "Seagull Poop" Peppermints Sea Salt Soap

Humorous Gifts, Toys and Games

Humorous gifts like "handerpants," Magic crystal trees, and sippy cups.
Products include Bag O' Laughs Children's Height Chart Chill Baby Pacifier Chomp! Rubber Shark Cool Pop Teether Finger Hands Food & Drink Trivia Quiz General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Gumby and Pokey Figures Handerpants Fingerless Gloves Handihorse Juggling Balls Magic Crystal Tree Mini Dominoes Movie Quiz Mystical Garden Play That Tune Kazoo Game Popper Key Chain Say What You See Game Sippy Cups Squidgits SqwishLand Collectible Animals Terrifying Finger Monsters The Original Melting Birthday Treat Twinkle Toof Waboba Surf Ball Whoopie Cushion Wire Puzzles

Classic Children's Toys

Classic children's toys like slinkies, Jacob's Ladder, Tiddlywinks, pickup sticks, whoopee cushions, jacks, harmonicas, mini metal puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty and more.
Products include At Your Service Bell Chattering Teeth Windup Discovery Kids ViewMaster Dots and Boxes Pencil and Pad Games Jacks Jack Straws Game Jacob's Ladder Metal Harmonica Metal Kazoo Mini Puzzle Metal Mini Zingy Springy Pick-Up Sticks Whoopee Cushion Wooden Pop Guns Wooden Tops

Sock It To Me Socks

Funny, funky and unique knee-high and crew socks decorated with everything from mermaids to mustaches with some rowers oars, penguins, T-rex, jellyfish, sharks and more.
Products include American Gothic Socks Black Lightning Bolt Socks Dinosaur Socks Jellyfish Socks Lightning Bolt Socks Man in the Moon knee-high socks Mermaid Socks Penguin Socks Pink Mustache Socks Red Lightning Bolt Socks Robot Midcalf Socks Rowing Socks #S@%! Black Profanity Socks Shark Socks Treasure Map Socks Yellow Mushroom Socks Yellow Mustache Socks Zombie Feet Socks Zombie Socks

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