Share Space

140 Broadway, Providence, RI
Neighborhood: West Side
Hours: Mon-Tues 12pm-5pm; Wed-Fri 12pm-7pm; Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 11am-4pm
(401) 270-8871

​Providence Share Space is a creative collaborative space for artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses. It houses many retail shops including White Buffalo, Artefacts Collection, I Want A Pony, Vintage on the Rocks, Vintiques and Mirrorball Boutique. There is also an in house art gallery as well as artists studios, and Reiki Healing.

Wallets and Rings

Handmade leather wallets, lasercut wooden rings, and fabric rings from Artefacts Collection.
Products include

Bracelets, Earrings, and Framed Illustrations

Handmade bracelets and earrings by >BRAVE< and framed artwork by Jess Polanshek.
Products include

Glass Rings, Bracelets and Earrings

Glass rings, bracelets and leather earrings.
Products include

Fairtrade Indian Earrings and Gold Necklaces

Artefacts Collection original gold hamsa and seashell necklaces, and fair trade Indian earrings.
Products include

Caps and Fanny Packs

Handmade 5-panel caps and one-of-a-kind fanny packs handmade by Ape & Bird.
Products include

Typewriter, Flashlights and Figurines

Antique typewriter, flashlights, elephant and owl figurine by vintage collector Vintiques.
Products include

Assorted Antiques

A typewriter, baby shoes, rotary phone, and other antiques.
Products include

Crochet Animals and Bibs

Crochet stuffed animals by Roni's Crafty Critters and handmade fabric bibs.
Products include

Journals, Cards, and Prints

Mags Arts prints, unique cards and journals.
Products include

Vintage Clothing

Brightly patterned vintage dresses and blouses from Vintage on the Rocks.
Products include

Shaving Soaps and Vintage Barware

Hops and Absinthe shaving soaps and vintage barware saying "went to P leave this drink alone".
Products include

Silver Nepalese Rings

Sterling Silver Nepalese rings, jewelry from Bali, leather bracelets from the United States.
Products include

Purses and Blankets

Hill Tribe Textiles from Thailand, by Artefacts Collection.
Products include

Women's Shoes and Purses

Sandals, heels and other women's shoes, as well as belts and purses.
Products include

Framed Prints, Earrings and Necklace

Framed prints, gold chain necklace, and dangling earrings.
Products include

Vintage Shoes, Purses, Recycled Skateboard Crafts

Magnets and keychains from recycled skateboards, vintage shoes and purses, small painted pots.
Products include

Throw Pillows

Handmade fabric throw pillows with anchors, record players, animals and more.
Products include

Cast Iron Animal Hooks

Cast iron hooks shaped like elephant and deer heads, antlers and a fleur de lis.
Products include

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