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Since 1995 the mission at Tealuxe has been to bring our customers the finest teas from around the world. We carefully select our teas for freshness, quality and taste. Take home the Tealuxe experience with a tin of loose tea or sit back and savor a cup of fresh brewed tea at one of our cafes. We hope you enjoy your Tealuxe tea as much as we do.

Tea Infusers, Tea Storage Jars

Tea infusers in different shapes, from floating water lillies and ducks to rock climbers and scuba divers, fabric covered tea storage containers, and glass storage jars, and a cordless electric kettle.
Products include

Tea Menu

List and descriptions of dozens of loose leaf teas available at Tealuxe, sold by the gram.
Products include

Tea Accessories

Tea infusers, thermoses, adjustable tablespoons, teapot shaped tea plates, teapots, and teaballs.
Products include

Loose Leaf Tea

A colorful selection of three of Tealuxe's dozens of loose leaf teas: Lady Hannah, Chocolate Black Tea, and Turmeric Ginger.
Products include

Tea Filters, Tea Pots, and Kettles

Stovetop kettles, tea filters in varying sizes, tea infusers, colorful teapots, teaballs, tea mugs, and more.
Products include

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